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Amirah Foundation is a registered charity with Charities Commission since 2012. We work with homeless and vulnerable women to break the cycle of abuse, violence and

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Domestic Abuse affects 1 in 4 women nationally. On a daily basis more than 230 women are turned away from refuges and shelters. This is due to funding cuts. Many refuges will only take on women who have access to benefits as they are able to fund the housing support through housing benefit.

Where women do not have access to benefits and public funds there is no support available to them.

Not gaining access to accommodation and support many women are left homeless on the streets, sofa surfing with their children, or have no choice but to return to the perpetrator.

Current national statistics tell us that every week in the UK two women are killed by a violent partner or ex-partner. Many serious case reviews of these killings reveal these women had attempted many times to free themselves of the situation. As no sufficient support was available for them to access, they were left vulnerable to tragic ends.

Women who leave a perpetrator, it can take up to twelve weeks for them to access benefits. This leaves them unable to support themselves with the most basic essential items they needs like heating, shelter and food.

Many women only have a small window of opportunity and need to flee. Often fleeing with nothing more than the clothes they and their children stand in.

Grants are not available for such vulnerable women to access clothes, gas and electricity top ups, white goods, furniture, beds, bedding, kitchen utensils and new school uniforms.

It has been reported by Centre point and Women’s Aid in a recent report that loan sharks will prey on these women and offer extortionate loans to enable the women to buy such essential items. This leaves the women also in debt, which soon spirals out of control making their road to recovery even more difficult.

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Women need to be in a strong mental state to be able to deal with issues.

Whilst there is severe deprivation and financial depression it is difficult for a woman in such circumstances to be able to make a full recovery and take control of her life.

More support needs to be put into place to relieve this distress from such women. Women who suffer years of abuse have very low self-esteem and confidence levels. They have often been told and believe that they are worthless and not good at anything. They fear taking any steps to improve their lives as they fear failure.

Having a culturally sensitive confidence building empowerment programme, using religious ethos to connect with the women enables them to move forward and set easily achievable goals.

Having a small group where full support is offered and having peer support builds trust and enables the women to support one another.
Often victims of abuse have very serious lack of trust in other individuals as they have been let down many times by services, organisations and authorities.

Women can see they have achieved some goals this success breeds further success for them and thus truly empowers them.

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