Break up the concrete slab with the simple hand tools

Are you looking for simple steps to break up a section of concrete? Before knowing the tips and required tools you must be sure about the section part of the concrete. You should read this article to save time and energy to break up a block of concrete. From this article, you can get the suitable advice guide to save your big bucks from costing of utility companies.

Plan the strategy to disposal

Before choosing the tool to dispose of the concrete you has to measure the level of space to dispose of and the strength of the concrete. After that, based on the strength of the concrete you have to choose the concrete breaking tools of hammer and pry. If you don’t have the respective hammer you can rent it from some utility source stores which are easy to handle by you.

Round up the planned area

Once you have own or rent the hand tools to break the concrete just round up the area by using special markings to avoid extra breakages. Make sure to take the preventive measures to cover the attached wood or other damaging subjects. While breaking concrete with hand tools by heavy force can damage the attached glass or wood on the house.

Concentrate to blow multiple times

After the round up the concrete area, you can use the jackhammer and pry at a time to create the deep cracks. Use the jackhammer on the edges of the concrete to crack the slab from the top layer to the deep layer. If it is the concrete has more strengthen it is not easy to break concrete without a jackhammer. Go for multiple blows on concrete to go inward inches to spot the cracks on concrete.

hand tools to break the concreteUse the pry tool to separate the chunks

After drilling the bits of concrete you have to top up the chunk pieces from the damaged concrete. Use the pry at the time when you have seen the chunks of small concrete pieces. Pull them up and collect it in a particular place to recycle it.

Deal with the bars

After collecting the pieces of the chunk you have to remove the bars and the mesh from the molded concrete. To remove the concrete from bar and mesh use DIY concrete removal tool of bolt cutter or wire cutter to separate the chunks of wires. Use hauler to dispose of the material or trash off it in trash uphill.

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