Can you leave an air compressor full

The air compressors are devices that work with high air pressure. During operation, the air is pumped into the receiver and one pressure level is constantly maintained. For example, devices, which are reviewed as the best 20 gallon air compressor on Realneedit, have a constant pressure of 8 to 10 bar. And leave the compressors with a full receiver, which means to expose many elements of the device to constant pressure. In compressor`s design is used many details made of polymer materials and rubber. For example, such parts are membranes in the compressor governor and sealing washers and rubber bands at the joints. Leaving the air compressor under pressure significantly reduces the life of all these elements.

There are parts that are particularly at risk of damage

A back-pressure valve is constantly under pressure. The back-pressure valve installed on the outlet of the head of the compressor device allows compressed air to pass in only one direction – to the receiver. Thus, this valve prevents the return of compressed air back to the compressor. The greatest risk is the return of compressed air from the pneumatic system to the inside of the compressor at the time of a break in the operation of the device (if the discharge valves of the compressor do not fit tightly on the seats), which can lead to a breakdown of the pump unit. The metal resource of the receiver can play its role. The metal used to make the receiver was calculated by the manufacturer based on the pressure characteristics.

Constant pressure can affect the main parts of the compressor

Typically, the receiver can withstand the operating pressure of its compressor continuously, coefficient 1.25 of working pressure for a short time. Thus, leaving the receiver under constant pressure, there is a risk of deterioration of the receiver’s metal and cracking. Another problem is that if after stopping the compressor with the receiver under pressure, the oil in the oil pan will be squeezed out into the compressor, and starting the compressor filled with oil can cause damage to its parts. Due to the specifics of the operation of the air compressor, the hot air that enters the receiver cools down and can create condensation. Of course, the compressor has filters and traps for water, but they do not give 100% of the result. And if this water remains in the compressor system – it can easily damage your compressor, as well as the components and components that are connected to it. So it is recommended, along with air bleeding, to check the receiver for condensation. It is also important to disconnect the compressor from the network after an operation. Thus, he will not constantly maintain pressure in the pneumatic system.

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